How to Fix Error Code 0xc0000225 in Windows 10

There are some easy solutions mentioned in this article to resolve error code 0xc0000225 in Windows 10.

Run- Automatic repair

Firstly, the easiest thing you can try is to run automatic repair when you come across this error while booting up.

Start your PC and insert installation media like USB/flash drive/ DVD. Now restart your device/machine.

In case you possess USB flash drive, then press the correct functional key so that you can boot through it. In case you own a CD/DVD disc, then you can see – “Press any key to boot from CD or DVD“. Just go ahead as per the given instructions and then boot.


Select the language of your choice and then continue

Click – Repair your computer.

Click – Troubleshoot.

Click – Advanced options.

Click – Automatic Repair.

Be patient for a while for process to start

Restart your device and this will finish the repair process. Now check if the error is still there or not.

Run – Disk check & system file check 

The causes for the error 0xc0000225 can be corrupted system files or disk files or both. Fortunately, the issues can be solved easily.

Follow the steps given in above method to boot to Advanced option page (you need to repeat step 1 to step 6). Now you need to click -command prompt.

In command window, type the command given below and press –Enter using your keyboard after every command:

sfc /scannow

chkdsk c: /f /r

Here C will be the drive where Windows installation files are stored. Some people save it on C while others also use D and E drive to save it. You can easily alter the letter as required.

Rebuild – BCD

Sometimes if BCD is fault then it can also result in error. You can rebuild it to fix the error. The steps will explain how to do it.

Perform the steps shown in first solution (step 1 to step 6) Click – Command Prompt.

In your command prompt window, type the commands you can see below. You need to press enter from your keyboard after you enter each command

bootrec/ scanos

bootrec /fixmbr

bootrec /fixboot

bootrec /rebuildbcd

Once the commands run completely, restart the machine and check if the error is fixed or not.

Mark partition – Active

Carry out the same steps shown in first solution (steps 1-6) and then click –Command Prompt.

In the command prompt window, type commands shown below. Now hit- enter using the keyboard after every command

disk part

list disk

Search for the disk you wish to reformat, normally it is C drive. Select the same and then reformat using the commands stated below-

select disk (your disk number)

list partition

Now type the next set of commands:

select partition (your disk number)


Press –Enter after every command and the commands will allow you to activate partition on disk.

Check for the error whether it is resolved or not

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