How to Fix Desktop Icons in Windows 10

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Desktop Icons are sometimes missing on your Windows 10 OS and it is one of the common issues that happen with this latest version

This error actually occurs when users keep a lot of icons on their desktop which is not the right approach.

The main reason for this error is also the change in settings, desktop, settings on tablet mode.

In some cases the error – desktop icons missing can also occur due to virus or sometimes when they are hidden accidentally or in wrong mode.  Normally it also occurs when the user sets it desktop to tablet mode in place of Desktop mode.

Luckily, the error – Desktop icons are missing on Windows 10 can easily be solved. This article will help you learn those methods that can be helpful to get rid of this issue.

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Restart – File Explorer

Click – Ctrl + Alt + Delete at the same time to expand – Task Manager.

Select the tab – Process, click – File and choose- New Task (Run).

Type – explorer.exe in open box and then click – OK

Clean Icon cache

Open – File Explorer and choose – Organize.

Click the – Folder and choose the tab – View

Search for the option – Show hidden files, folders & drives and then click it.

Move to – C:\\Users\\(username)\\AppData\\Local.

Here you should see this file – IconCache.db.

Right-click this file and then choose – Delete

Check visibility of desktop icons

If the icons on your desktop are hidden accidentally then the steps below would help you view them again.

Drag the mouse pointer anywhere on the empty space on your desktop and just right-click on the space.

Head to the option – View tab and mark the option that says –Show desktop icons (if it is not marked). In case it is marked already then that implies that this is not the reason for invisibility of desktop icons.

Enable visibility of your desktop icons through settings

Head to – Settings and choose – Personalization\\Personalize.

Towards the left side click – Themes and choose – Desktop icon settings.

Select the specific icons you wish them to make visible and then click – Apply, and next click – OK to apply the changes.

Disable the Tablet Mode

As it is already discussed that your missing desktop icons can be due to the wrong mode been set, thus the last method you can try is to disable the Tablet Mode and change it to Desktop mode. Here is how can change it

Open – Settings and choose – System.

Click on –  Tablet mode and just turn it – OFF (In case it is turned – ON)

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